About the IPIA

International Professional Image Association

We are registered as a non-profit company and our goal is to help you:

  • Gain credibility in the minds of existing and potential clients
  • Meet new people in the image related industry that can contribute to your business
  • Grow your business with knowledge from our conferences and newsletters
  • Belong to a network of image professionals that can share their skills
  • Share your opinion about image/business related subjects with other professionals and receive advice as well
  • Have the opportunity to attend conferences where you can network, market yourself and expand your business
  • Have access to a monthly newsletter that updates you with the latest in the image and wellness industry
  • Gain publicity from appearing on the IPIA Website to promotes your business
  • By issuing an IPIA certificate to make you more credible in the image field
  • Use the IPIA logo along with your own brand that recognizes exceptional service and professionalism

New businesses can benefit from the knowledge and familiarity from those that are more experienced.

The IPIA encourages all individuals and businesses that share our passion for everything related to the image industry, to make a decision today and to enrol for membership with the IPIA.

Membership fees are R700 per year for an Individual membership (a monthly payment option for individual memberships is available during checkout), and R 2500 per year for a Corporate membership.

Our Story

How the IPIA Started

When APICSA (founded in 1998) and PIAA (founded in 2008) joined forces to form one powerhouse organisation, a group of image professionals in 2020 saw the need for a body to connect image professionals, encourage collaboration and provide a platform for networking and sharing of ideas. From this the IPIA was born.

The IPIA not only serves image consultants in South Africa, but all professionals that work in the Image industry across the globe.

The image industry includes professionals such as fashion designers or buyers, stylists, image consultants, fashion journalists, beauticians, hair-stylists, make-up artists, dieticians, wellness and fitness instructors, plastic surgeons, bridal consultants and more.

Many areas of expertise have associations or groups that businesses or individuals can belong to in order to connect, collaborate and create. The IPIA provides such a platform for the various professionals within the image industry.

hands holding roots of plant

"Being a part of an Association like the IPIA gives you a sense of belonging. Starting your own business can be very daunting. Many business owners don’t know who to talk to and you have lots of questions, so it is nice to share your experiences with people who are in a similar industry. When the IPIA host their annual conferences, it is a great advantage to be able to attend because it helps you to grow your business. It is almost like you are doing another course. It is also an advantage to have the credibility associated with a reputable Association like the IPIA ."

Minnette Oliver
FOUNDER PIAA (Professional Image Association of Africa)

"The makeup school I studied my course with was accredited with APICSA. 8 years on into the industry, all the makeup artists that I knew within the industry, that were accredited with this association, had the highest standards. When I went on to open my own school there was no doubt that I needed my accreditation to be with APICSA. We are proud to be associated and aligned with such a great governing body - one which the beauty and image industry cannot live without! We are so excited to join hands with PIAA to become even stronger and better as the IPIA"

Razana Omar
ZAR Academy

"Immediately after doing my course to become an Image Consultant in 2009 I joined the then PIAA. I remember as a newbie in the industry it immediately felt like I was not alone on this new venture and it made all things possible. Being able to put the PIAA logo on my website and business cards also gave me a lot more credibility. I am so excited about the merging with APICSA because now two amazing forces are becoming one RIDICULOUS force to be reckoned with. The image industry does not know what is about to hit them! Proud to be a member!"

Aletté Winckler

"I was privileged to be one of the founding members of APICSA in 2007. It was wonderful to be able to mentor members to achieve their dreams, ethically working towards an industry that adheres to international standards but at the same time keeping in mind that we are a unique continent with unique needs and aspirations. The ladies that I have met through APICSA and the mutual sharing of knowledge and life stories and experiences were both empowering and humbling. As we set out on this new era as “International Professional Image Association” (IPIA) strengthening the industry in Africa and elevating it to an International association I am looking forward to seeing each Image Professional rise to her full potential with IPIA backing you to the full support that an association can offer."

Marina Prinsloo
FOUNDER APICSA (Association of Professional Image Consultants South Africa)

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